Client Requirements

Analog Devices Inc (ADI) is a global semiconductor company known for its cutting-edge technology solutions. Limerick is one of their key locations, with its European Headquarters and Global Operations based here.  As the demand for top-tier talent in the semiconductor industry intensified, ADI Limerick sought to attract and retain exceptional professionals to fuel its continued growth.

The Challenge

ADI Limerick faced a significant challenge in the highly competitive talent market. While it was a significant employer in the region, the company had low base in terms of employer brand awareness. To achieve its ambitious hiring goals, ADI needed to develop a compelling and cohesive recruitment marketing campaign that could resonate with potential candidates, highlight its USP, and position it as an employer of choice.

The Solution

As a strategic communications consultancy, our team conducted in-depth research and collaborated closely with Analog Devices Limerick to devise a comprehensive and integrated recruitment marketing strategy with a number of workstreams.

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Our solution for Analog Devices

As a strategic communications consultancy, our team conducted in-depth research and collaborated closely with Analog Devices Limerick to devise a comprehensive and integrated recruitment marketing strategy. The key elements of our strategy included:

  1. Persona’s: We reviewed the roles and the type of candidates most suited to those roles. A persona’s exercise allowed us to step into the shoes of typical candidates and understand how we could reach them and what messaging would resonate with them.
  2. Key Message Development: We conducted internal interviews and workshops with Analog Devices Limerick’s leadership and employees to extract key messages about the company’s culture, work environment, and unique value propositions. These key messages formed the foundation of our campaign.
  3. Brand Consistency: We ensured that all campaign deliverables, including radio and print advertising, PR efforts, website development, and digital marketing materials, adhered to Analog Devices’ brand guidelines. Maintaining brand consistency was crucial to establish a strong and recognizable employer brand.
  4. Multi-Channel Approach: To maximize reach and engagement, we implemented a multi-channel approach. Our campaign utilized traditional advertising methods such as radio and print to reach a broader audience while also leveraging digital marketing to target specific demographics and tech-savvy candidates.
  5. Website Development: We optimized Analog Devices Limerick’s careers page to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for potential candidates.
  6. Open Evening Event: We supported an open evening event at Analog Devices Limerick’s facility to provide an opportunity for candidates to meet current employees, learn more about the company, and experience the work environment firsthand.
  7. Video Production: We produced a series of engaging videos that showcased Analog Devices Limerick’s work culture, innovative projects, and the impact its employees make on the world. These videos were integrated into various campaign channels, including the website and social media platforms.
  8. Content Creation: We crafted compelling content, including blog posts, employee testimonials, and press articles, to position Analog Devices Limerick as a desirable employer in the semiconductor sector.


Our team executed the integrated recruitment marketing campaign in a phased manner. We closely monitored the performance of each element, making real-time adjustments to optimize the campaign’s effectiveness. The campaign was launched across various platforms, and its success was tracked through metrics such as website traffic, application rates, and event attendance.


The integrated recruitment marketing campaign for Analog Devices Limerick achieved remarkable success, exceeding the client’s expectations. Key results included:

  1. Increased Brand Awareness: The campaign significantly increased Analog Devices Limerick’s visibility among the target audience, resulting in heightened brand awareness and recognition as a leading employer in the tech industry.
  2. Higher Candidate Engagement: The multi-channel approach and compelling content led to increased candidate engagement and interaction with the company’s online platforms and events.
  3. Quality Applications: The campaign attracted a pool of highly qualified candidates, streamlining the hiring process and reducing time-to-fill for critical positions.
  4. Positive Employee Feedback: Current employees expressed pride in the company’s improved employer branding and noticed a more substantial interest in Analog Devices Limerick as a workplace among their peers.
  5. Improved Employer Reputation: The campaign helped position Analog Devices Limerick as an employer of choice in the semiconductor industry, aiding in attracting and retaining top talent.
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Recruitment Marketing explained:

Recruitment Marketing is the process of attracting and nurturing talented individuals to your organization by marketing to them

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